1-Hour Websites

Created in our Twitch streams, where we build a website in around an hour. The ideas come from ourselves and suggestions from viewers via donations and the chat.

Jim John Harkness's Homepage

25 May 2020

Actor Jim John Harkness requested we create them a unqiue place on the internet. Features a chatbot, scrolling synth and starlings background.

Comedy Solutions

30 May 2020

Kristian D. Kirklan is a comedy agent and promoter, clients can now find the right comic for them using the inbuilt quiz we provided.

Trow World

07 Jun 2020

Marjolein Robertson is a comedian, streamer, fiddler and story-teller. We created a website to host a piece of Shetland folklore.

Roichi Art Gallery

14 Jun 2020

Roisin & Chiara are comedians and artistic muses. This multiplayer gallery is filled with works of art they have inspired.

Fred's Pub

20 Jun 2020

Freddie Hayes is a puppeteer who knew of a Landlord, Fred, who reluctantly needed a multiplayer digital pub.

About us

27 Jun 2020

Double acts are harder to get to know than individuals, this split page completely solves this problem, revealing a fair chunk about Lloyd & Pete's own stories

Scroll adventure

11 Jul 2020

Innovation in web development led to Peter coding the inside of a submarine and Lloyd the ocean depths outside.

The Gift Page

16 Jul 2020

What if a website could be a present.

Lucy Pearman Homepage

23 Jul 2020

Lucy Pearman acts and does comedy - so needs a website that does both too.

Mattuliser Online

06 Aug 2020

Mattuliser is a musician, coder and 3D modeller. 7 tracks can be mixed at once while viewing their model of a pepper grinder.

Random Generator

13 Aug 2020

Randomly generate matrix names, comedy clubs and Andi peters.

Driving Simulator

20 Aug 2020

Reach a roundabout in swindon (?), but ensure you pick everyone up!

Flight Simulator

27 Aug 2020

Experience flying in a plane. Watch your feet!


04 Sep 2020

Can you complete the world's toughest form before it fills up?


11 Sep 2020

A synth that plays notes based on positions of markers on a map.

College ID

17 Sep 2020

Create your own ID card for business school

Train Simulator

24 Sep 2020

Drive along the Fenline train line, and beyond?


01 Oct 2020

Learn the alphabet by hearing each letter when you type them. Hold Shift for alternative phrasing.


15 Oct 2020

Multiplayer versus jigsaw puzzle

Text To Speech

29 Oct 2020

A TTS-engine with a expertly-voiced limited vocabulary.

Boom - Virtual Fireworks

06 Nov 2020

Perfect if you hate fireworks.

Toby Jug Chatroom

12 Nov 2020

Zoom, but everyone is in a toby jug.

Zeros online

12 Nov 2020

The fifth time we've made the mass multiplayer avoiding zeros game, but this time its online again.