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Mar 14
ManchesterCANCELLED - Blizzard Comedy
Mar 26
BanburyRock The Atic
Mar 30
Apr 8
SalfordFoxdog Studios - Robo Bingo 3
Apr 21
Long EatonLong Eaton
Apr 23
BirminghamHare Of The Dog Comedy
Apr 29
MachynllethMach Fest - Robo Bingo
Apr 29
MachynllethMach Fest - Jain Edwards Show
May 11
Milton KeynesAll Flows - Robot Chef
May 26
BrightonBrighton Fringe - Jain Edwards Show
May 28
BrightonBrighton Fringe - Robo Bingo
Jun 9
CheltenhamCheltenham Science Festival - Robo Bingo
Jul 29
TopcliffeDeer Shed Festival - Robo Bingo


robo bingo poster

Robo Bingo

Our alternative bingo night running bi-monthly (every other month) at the Kings Arm's Salford

Look here for the next show

Come play the legendary sport of Bingo - using your phone to control the outcome via a robotic ball picker or simply by voting to ban someone from winning.

robot chef poster

Robot Chef

Interactive augmented reality cooking

Update for 2023: Now available in real life and hybrid/virtual events, e.g., zoom, teams
Take a look at our corporate and company event brochure

Join us in making sausage and beans using our DIY robot chef controlled by the audience.

“The true meaning of interactive audience participation”
★★★★★ Broadway Baby

“The most laborious and collaborative fry-up of all time”
★★★★ iNewspaper

Sausage cannon

Sausage Cannon Bowls

Our live stream where you aim and fire a sausage cannon at garden ornaments

This was a series live streamed on our Twitch channel

Also can be performed at in conference call events, e.g, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts etc.

overview of websites we made

Website in an hour

We attempt to build a website in around an hour.

This was a series live streamed on our Twitch channel

How it works

  • Audience connect their phones to our WiFi
  • Go to our special webpage
  • Play games, quizzes and control robots on stage


We are IT consultants who accidentally started making live comedy shows with technology.

During our live shows, audiences join in via their phones - to play games, control robot chefs, fire sausage cannons, and make music.

As programmers, we’re also experts at creating interactive exhibitions, software development and invoicing systems.



Browser games

Coosta Coffee Break


It's nice to have a coffee in the morning

Uses our own Narberth Studio engine and BabylonJS and was our made for no reason

Ghost in the Washing Machine


Spooky Washing Machine Repair man

Uses our own Narberth Studio engine and BabylonJS and was our entry for the Ludum Dare 50 Game Jam

Weasel Words


Typing of the Dead clone with taxidermy weasels.

Uses BabylonJS and was our entry for the Ludum Dare 49 Game Jam

Bulldozer by the sea


You fish family are drying up! So dig holes and flood them with a dynamic water simulation.

Uses BabylonJS and was our entry for the Ludum Dare 48 Game Jam

Caterpillar Cowboy


Wrap your caterpillar body around loose critters at the ranch. Watch out for the law.

Uses BabylonJS and was our entry for the Ludum Dare 47 Game Jam

Delivery Derby


delivery derby game logo

Drive in a wild way to deliver your packages, smash competition and win the affection of an official. Supports mobile + desktop

Uses BabylonJS and was our entry for the Ludum Dare 46 Game Jam



bunion game logo

Your job is to fix customer’s problems by sacrificing offerlings.

Uses BabylonJS and was our entry for the Ludum Dare 43 Game Jam



bunion game logo

Feed bunion tofu pieces until he is a big boy

C++ to javascript emscripten. Our entry for Ludum Dare 41 Game Jam

Avoid zeros


Avoid zeros game logo

Move left and right to not hit zeros

Networked websockets multiplayer game (prototype of version featured in show)

Middle Class Xmas Carol


Middle Class Christmas Carol game logo

About a dog at Christmas.

Our first game. Built using HTML5 canvas.

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What we offer clients

Live installation at Big Bang Fair


We make specially customised, interactive content for clients, built using the same technology from our live shows.

  • Audience interact via their phones
  • Live games and interactive content
  • Tailored and custom built gadgetry (e.g. sausage cannon)
Foxodg Studios performing live


Book us to perform at your private and public events, both digital and real-life, including;

  • Exhibitions
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Businesses
  • Conferences and Expos
  • Parties
  • Schools

Check our gig listings for all our public performance dates.

Our zoom show

Tech Comedy

We can perform our award winning show "Robot Chef" live in your zoom call, allowing participants to control a DIY robotic kitchen from anywhere in the world.

Take a look at our corporate and company event brochure

Public event Science engagement

Comissioned by the Museum of Science and Industry, we have created specially tailored, science-themed entertainment for their “Late” events. We've made a robot chef for a live cook off against celebrity human chef Mary-Ellen McTague, and a  custom bee themed smartphone quiz  as part of the Bees in the City programme.

Foxdog are a comic, imaginative and tech savvy duo who develop bespoke digital shows for our events. They produce and deliver interactive masterpieces that our audience eat up. Professional, on time and within budget, they are always a pleasure to work with.

Gina Cooke, Contemporary Science Programme Producer, Manchester Science and Industry Museum

Someone turned on the cooker, but everyone was messing it up, so everyone was just laughing. I’ve never been anywhere where everyone was laughing that much at once.

Audience feedback, collected by Manchester Science and Industry Museum

Private event Corporate entertainment

As part of the D&AD New Blood Academy programme, we performed our Robot Chef show to 50 young people at their offices in Shoreditch.

Foxdog Studios are an innovative, highly professional, and incredibly exciting duo, who think way beyond the outside of the box, and are doing something the rest of us are still daydreaming about. They inspired the group that we worked with to stretch their minds beyond the obvious capabilities of technology, and to thoroughly get the creative juices flowing. The event itself was entertaining, enlightening, but most of all, hilarious. We would absolutely highly recommend, and look forward to inviting them back to London to work with us again and again


Public event Science engagement Family entertainment

Robot Chef was performed at TechFest, a STEM festival in Aberdeen. We performed for an mixed audience of families, students and adults.

Foxdog Studios brought something fun, fresh and innovative to our festival. The audience loved them, their sausages, not so much!

Laura McHardie, STEM Lead at TechFest

We've also worked with

Area 51British Broadcasting CompanyAbandon Normal DevicesFuture EverythingManchester City CouncilManchester Science Partnerships

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