Shooting our Sausage Cannon 30 Metres

December 21, 2018

On an incredibly cold December morning, we took our souped-up sausage cannon and bullseye target to a field in Stockport to test out bour newly 3-d printed barrel extensions, and to see if we could indeed fire frozen, vegetarian hotdogs a full 30 metres across the grass.

In a demonstration of our commitment to (imitation) meat weaponry, it took us around five hours to finally hit the target with our banger bullets. During this time we used all of our extentions, most of our sausages, and lost most of the feeling in our fingers.

Through our experience in this area, we have become loyal to Sainsbury's frozen vegetarian hotdogs, due to their casing keeping the sausage shape intact, and preventing them from bursting from the pressure of the air compressor. We usually defrost these in hot water before firing, but since the wind was pretty strong on the day of filming, the hotdogs were getting blown off course and away from the target. This lead to experimenting with keeping the sausages frozen, making them stronger and propelling them through the breeze.