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Saturday Night Head Cam

23 Feb 2013

Fitting the head cam

We party with the same energy as new potatoes boiling in a pan, thus Saturday evening was spent creating a practical, but more importantly stylish, head mount for our real-time streaming application Peepers.

The head mount is created from 100% natural ingredients, sourced from about the house:

  • Bicycle helmet
  • Shaft of a non-junior hacksaw
  • Half of a 30cm Helix ruler
  • Backplate of Yale lock
  • Specialized road bicycle inner tube
  • 20cm cable ties
  • Duct tape
  • Assorted nuts and bolts
  • A 1.25 Kg cement filled weight
  • Twine

Pillar drilling

The pillar drill - critical component.

Gaffer taping

We used a spare free weight lying around FDS HQ as a counterweight. Clarification: we have no problem curling 200% more than that.

Helmet on - looking cool

The helmets uses are probably extensive, but to date have yet to be enumerated.