Party is ON

January 31, 2018

To fully illustrate to our social media followers exactly how we bring the party, on Tuesday morning we created an endless-looping video showcasing the Party Hat from our 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Show.

The Party Hat is;

  • An Arduino Uno
  • HC-06 Bluetooth module
  • Toy motor (to turn the sad flag)
  • 9V battery (toy motors need more amps than the Arduino can provide via USB)
  • USB power bank battery
  • Transistor to turn on the motor
  • The box our business cards came in to hold the circuit
  • Duct tape to make it an absolute unit
  • Commemorative baseball cap from Microsoft Imagine Cup 2010: Poland
  • Plank of wood cut off an ikea shelf with a cutting of a hi-vis attached for a

sad flag

The Arduino program controls the motor. We created a python script that communicates via bluetooth to the arduino and listens for messages from a meteor app, which provides the GUI for us to control it via a web browser.