December 08, 2018

This time last year we created the game Bunion in three days for the Ludum Dare Competition. For the competition time around, we created Offerlings, based on this round's theme of 'sacrifices must be made'.

Just like Bunion, Offerlings was made across one weekend especially for the competition, and everything, including the music and Sim-like sound effects, was created by us.

In the game, players are employees in the retail team at Sacramant Ltd, the 'one-stop-shop for sacrifices, and sacrifice paraphernalia'. Different customers enter the store with problems, and your job is to find the correct Offerling - a tiny magical creature who can resolve specific issues once sacrificed. You can find which Offerling fits each issue by reffering to the guide - the Sacripedia - to your right, and then sacrifice it in exchange for payment.

Just like the last competition, we will update the blog post with the results once they are released. In the meantime, you can play the game for yourself - be sure to have the sound turned up, and let us know what you think.