2016 Show Finances

November 08, 2017

View from the crowd

Item Cost
Donations, from offering pasties for £7 donation, posters for £5 donation. £3,471.03
Pasty chef costs. We helper Arthur make the pasties, but he was the head chef. -£342.80
Half the rent of a 2 bedroom box flat with hallway as living room -£1,875
Manchester rent (empty house with the taps turned off this time). -£750
2,000 Flyers & 100 posters -£55.99
Fans x 2 to control temperature of audience. -£60
Gas + Electricity that was pay as you go at the £3K flat, after being woken up the first morning by the beeping meter informing us we were going to have cold showers. -£40
Food & drink, including the costs of pasty ingredients (lots of sweet potatoes) and kitchen equipment we couldn't squeeze into a Toyota Yaris. -£1,000
Petrol -£60.00
Train tickets x 2 as we couldn't fit three people and the equipment in the car. -£98.90
Edinburgh Festival Fringe -£295.20
Laughing Horse free fringe fee -£90
PA stands to reduce bass after neighbour stormed the stage telling us to F-off. -£50
Total from just doing our own work -£1,246
Teching 5 extra shows during the day (between three of us). £1,865
Total including doing work for others £619

##Comparison to previous years We earnt more each

Our tech setup

WiFi network setup

Our router is a

Running DD-WRT firmware v3.0-r30631 std (09/14/16).

The ASUS RT-AC68U is configured as the DNS server. We have a utility we've written called netfasff.


We run DD-WRT as it allows us to completely configure our router. DD-WRT compatability is something we look for when purchasing routers.

Single WAP vs Multi WAP

We have performed with a multi-router setup in the past, using the RT68U and two 2.4GHz Netgear WNR3500Lv2s (running DD-WRT firmware). The RT68U is massively louder than the N300s, so we opted to go with using just that instead and everything has been fine for ~130 clients connected over 5GHz and 2.4GHz.