Long Awaited EdFringe 2015 Finances

May 30, 2016

An exciting close up angle of the show's finale

10 months after the event we release how much money we spent during/doing the Edinburgh Fringe in 2015. We hope our transparency encourages others to create similar publications. This is a new wave of accountancy entertainment.

How much money we gave away

Item Cost
Donations £2,083.78
Edinburgh rent 2 bedroom flat, behind Pleasance -£2,402
Manchester rent (empty house with the taps on) -£750
Flyers & posters -£125
Food & drink -£800
Petrol -£64.53
Edinburgh Festival Fringe -£295.20
PBH free fringe fee -£64
Total -£2,416.95

What £££ we received each performance

Bar chart showing that we earnt more in donations in 2015 than 2014 This chart shows how much we earnt in donations for each performance in both 2014 and 2015. We earnt a lot more in 2015, especially on the weekends. It should be noted that we were playing in a larger, more central venue.

Comparison with the previous year

2014 2015 Change
Show time 22:00 00:15 +2 hours 15 mins
Venue Cellar Monkey Cowgatehead UpTwoM 0.7 miles
Venue capacity (persons) 40 80 +40
Total donations £813.08 £2,083.78 +£1270.70
Number of performances 26 20 -6
Average donation per performance £31.27 £94.72 +£63.45

Two photos and a video

wide shot of the show from within the audience

It was a nice room with stage curtains created by top stage manager Katie Lyons.

Pete telling people to connect to the wifi

Lots of the show is spent telling people how to connect to our WiFi.

Duckhat in motion.